Saturday, March 06, 2010

Voyager Season Seven

I've done a lot of mockery of Voyager, but they've finally figured themselves out. Unfortunately, they only figured out how to make the show when it's already in season 7.

It's as though they realized they were working on their last season, so they'd better do all the plots they have been avoiding for no reason whatsoever. Season 7 is the first time you see real conflict between the Voyager crew and the Maquis crew. Of course, there's no reason for anyone to remain loyal to the Maquis, so the entire mutiny is driven by the Star Trek equivalent of a mystical curse.

Even though it's been delayed, Season 7 really does shine. I'm less than half-way through, and almost all of the episodes have been solid, character driven episodes.


Anonymous said...

I just started season 5. I can't get over how many shuttles that ship has. At least one every other episode in the fist couple seasons would crash or explode. I'd think it'd take a lot of power to replicate a new shuttle.

Aslo, about the borg queen; Maybe her purpose is to bring incite and creativity to the collective.


Carsonist said...

The shuttle thing is a common Voyager joke, or so I've heard. They also have a seemingly endless supplies of Torpedoes. This is more flagrant, since they say they can't make more at the very beginning of the show.

At the beginning, the show was supposed to be like "The Year of Hell" all the time, where survival was an actual issue, and resources and maintainence were problems as well. Unfortunately, they went with the happier version, and settled on essentially being TNG without the "standard" specieses.