Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon is Good

How To Train Your Dragon is a good movie. Better than I expected it to be by a long shot. There were several parts that really impressed me artistically. Yes, the CGI is excellent, but the mastery of the physical acting of CGI characters (especially the *Spoiler Alert* dragon he trains *End Spoiler Alert* ) is really great. Not one person left that theater not in love with the *Spoiler Alert* dragon he trains *End Spoiler Alert*.

The movie also took a few chances with plot and events that I didn't expect from something marketed to children, and it avoided most of the idiotic things people tend to add to movies to make them "Kid Friendly". (Why do people think vomiting, farting, and getting hit in the groin is hilarious to kids? For children, humour comes from character. Adults love the nut shots.)

I like to mock Dreamworks as a second-rate Pixar, but I'd definitely put Dragon against Pixar. It's certainly not as good as Pixar's best, but I'd say it's certainly on the same level.

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