Thursday, May 15, 2008

Farm Bill

So the congress has passed another disastrous farm bill. The Bush Administration is right *retch* to call it a bloated program with gimmicks. After all, this "farm bill" includes a tax break for racehorse owners.

However, this program that costs 300 billion dollars over 5 years costs half as much as the war in Iraq, and it doesn't kill one American or Iraqi.

PS. Of course none of the presidential candidates could find the time to vote on one of the most important bills of their career. What a coincidence...

PPS. I dare any member of congress to prove that they have even the most basic knowledge of this monstrosity. The table of contents is daunting by itself. I've tried looking at a few of the subsections, and they're impenetrable to anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to look at other bills that are being modified.

PPPS. It seems that congress' bills are designed to be unlinkable directly. This should take you to a list of bills. The real one is the last one.

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