Thursday, August 23, 2007


CoCMH is the organization of Supers in the Super game I may be running later. The rest of this post is a description of the organization.

CoCMH (The Council of Concerned Meta-Humans, rhymes with "Rock-muh") was founded in 1950 in an attempt to provide a "super" counterpart to the UN. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an embarrassment to the UN, since all CoCMH did was provide a forum for people to complain and no one was willing to give it the authority to actually enforce any of its declarations.

Since the fall of the USSR, there has been renewed interest in CoCMH, but almost exclusively as an American institution. It still has little power, but it has provided arbitration for some Super-disputes.

Although CoCMH has a complicated parliamentary procedure, it is largely ignored. Instead, the most powerful person generally controls the flow of debate and has a strong influence on votes. Fortunately, the current most powerful super, El Campeador, isn't interested in rules, and is a generally good, if naive, man.

A super can register with CoCMH at any time; he must swear an oath to uphold the laws of his nation and of CoCMH, and provide his personal information to the Council. This is a quick way for a super to declare his good intent and presence to the state. If a super is operating without registering through CoCMH or other means, he is assumed to be hostile by both the USA and the super community.

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