Friday, December 01, 2006

America is a Soulless Wasteland

My God. Have you seen this website, ""?

You pay other people to increase your gamerscore for the 360. Your gamerscore DOES NOT DO ANYTHING! It's just a record of what game's you've played, and what achievements you've performed.

They will get you 5,000 points for 319.99$. This, despite the Gamespot guide: "How to get 6,000 gamerpoints easily". For 320$, you could buy the games they suggest, and the actual achievements are criminally easy. For example: You can earn 500 of the 1,000 points available in NHL 2K6 with a single shot. For football games, you can get more than half the points by telling the game to simulate playing a game.

At what point are we at, where we pay other people to trick our video games into believing that we've played them?


Big J said...

whats worse, paying 2500 for a console or 315 dollars to show off how good "you" are to your online friends?

its a toss up for me, both seem pathetic and/or desperate

Carsonist said...

That is a tough call to make. Either person has WAY more money than sense.