Saturday, March 04, 2006

An Open Letter to the Director of Equilibrium and a Movie That Shall Not Be Named

Dear director of Equillibrium, why hast thou forsaken me?

I didn't expect much, just some well-choreographed violence, maybe some moderately insightful social commentary.

What did I find?

A movie that failed to deliver a single good fight scene for an entire hour. In a movie that was one hour and twenty-five minutes long. I suppose it makes sense to have a single fight where the protagonist wins without difficulty. It shows the extreme proficiency of the character. But every battle John Preston fought was interesting. It seemed that more money was spent on ridiculous camera panning than on fighting.

By the way, if a camera goes through a reflective glass twice with nothing happening, you are spending too much time moving the camera around.

I thought you were a clever guy who liked good fight scenes. It turns out that you're some guy who should have had a test screening with a human being. Honestly, did a single person think that scene in the park was good? You win an award I just made up, the "I can't believe that wasn't a dream sequence, oh, god, how I wish that had been a dream sequence" award.

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