Friday, February 03, 2006

Wikipedia is Great

Wikipedia is great. The people that find fault with it are, almost inevitably, finding fault with something it is not.

For example: People claim that Wikipedia cannot be trusted, and shouldn't be used as an authority. These people believe that Wikipedia is trying to be the end-all be-all authority on all issues, which it is not. Instead, Wikipedia is, as the name suggests, an encyclopedia. Encyclopedias are not the final source for research, they are the first source for research. Wikipedia is best for those people unfamiliar with an issue who wish to survey it, not for those who already know the subject. For those who know the subject already, Wikipedia provides handy links to other informative sites, some of which are the sort of reputable sort ( .gov, .edu ) that should be used as an authoritative source for experts.

For me, Wikipedia is the perfect source for information on issues that don't have any real importance, and, therefore, don't matter if they are true or not.

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