Saturday, February 25, 2006


This Ultracorps thing is pretty fun. If you have a spare hour every day, I highly suggest it. I am currently in first place as this game winds down. Unless something catastrophic happens, I'm going to win my second real game of Ultracorps, played against hundreds of people.


For the same flaw that many online games have: People drop out of games. Thanks to the fact that my neighbors on all sides stopped playing early on, I had no interference whatsoever for the first half of the game.

In Halo 2, which I recently stopped playing, there's a similar problem. It seemed that in half the games, a person would drop out of a team relatively early in the game. From that point on, it's an uphill battle for that team. I have seen outnumbered players win, but less than ten times in my entire Halo 2 career.

I wish there was some sort of device that would shoot quitters in the mouth.

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