Friday, March 15, 2013


Awesomenauts is a fun game. Some thoughts:


If you're going to ever get Solar Tree, you should get it early on. I always do, and it pays for itself pretty quickly. In fact, I get just about any item that gives you a chance to make more money. I love Voltar's and Raelynn's money boosting items in particular.


There are currently 13 Awesomenatus in the game. Two of them are female. The rest are all male. You could argue that there are some whose gender is ambiguous, but that would make two categories of gender that outnumber the ladies significantly. Usually, women are second class in games, this time they're third.

Alternate Builds

I really like playing Attack Voltar. People keep saying that Voltar has to be a dedicated healer, but his drones can do massive damage. They can do bursts of 40 damage pretty rapidly; that's almost as much as a "burst damage" attack from a more aggressive hero.

I also like Kitten Derpl. I'm not sure it's any good, but it's fun to shoot ridiculous waves of kittens at people.

Genji is Broken

It seems like everyone agrees that Genji, and particularly his lightning attack, is overpowered. I agree. He can clear out a lane of enemy drones so fast.

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