Saturday, September 15, 2012

MVM: Medic

I saw another guide for playing Medic on MVM recently, and it got me so mad that I had to write one:
  1. Kritz People
  2. Kritz more people
Seriously, a medic is good for keeping people alive, so the healing is useful, but the best way for the medic to keep people alive is to kritz someone who then kills all the robots attacking you.

There are two divergent strategies to getting a lot of kritz.
  1. Standard
  2. Ubersaw/Resistances
The standard build is all about upgrading your Kritzkrieg. Focus on Kritz duration and build speed. If you have trouble with people dying, increasing the heal rate is OK. This strategy is functional, but boring.

The Ubersaw plan is way more fun. Basically all your money goes into resistances and swing speed for the Ubersaw. You use your Kritzkrieg aggressively, and recharge it by sawing enemies. This scheme requires more teamwork than usual. If you can get your teammates to leave stragglers alone for you to kill, you can get a new kritz basically every wave. Another great target for the saw is the Sentry Buster. If your team has slow effects, (jarate, milk, etc.) and they should, slowing that Sentry Buster makes for an easy new kritz.

With two or three upgrades to explosive damage resistance, you can just run up to a solitary demo or soldier and melee them to death. Bullet resistance is good too, but heavies are still dangerous even with less damage. Once you've fully upgraded your resistances, move speed is nice to chase down stragglers/Sentry Busters.

With giant demos, you can just circle around them as your team shoots them. The demo will shoot at you and mostly miss, and the shots that hit will do little damage. This way, the demo isn't firing at any of your allies either.

Fire resistance is OK. You can charge up your uber off of pyros like any other robot, but pyros just aren't that important or frequent to waste money on.

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