Friday, March 23, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Ending and Thoughts

This spoils ME3, etc.

I liked the ending to ME3. I know that's against the rules of whining on the internet.

Is it bad that the ending is essentially the same regardless of how you got there? Yes. But the ending shouldn't be about all the dumb people Shepherd messed with, it's about Shepherd, and that part is good. When she said, "what do you need me to do?" and that entire scene, I was very powerfully touched. It really shows what Shepherd is.

Yes, the flying away and landing in a jungle made no sense, but I edited that from my personal version of the story. In my version, I haven't decided whether the relays were destroyed, or where the crew ended up. I'm tempted to have Shepherd and Garrus go on adventures together, only interrupted by sexing, but there's something legitimate to them being separated at other ends of the galaxy, with only their brief time together as a memory they know they can never return to.

I would advise everyone to learn to make up their own versions of stories. Really bad things aren't worth the effort to "fix", but Mass Effect 3 is extremely good, and it's worth modifying a few seconds of the game to make the ending better. It's a lot easier to change something in your head than to start a stupid petition on the Internet, anyway. The ending that EA wrote is no more "real" than the ending that I have in my head.

It seems like Liara is the "Official" romance option, if anyone is, since she can be romanced by either Shepherd, she has the most developed dialogue, and she's the only person who actually gets naked to have sex.

And to the people who say that the destruction of the relays would destroy the galaxy, it's possible that there's more than one way they can break. Just because someone says something in a specific situation, it doesn't mean it's true for every situation. In fact, that's my solution to a lot of sci fi and fantasy "errors" people find in stuff. People say things that aren't exactly true sometimes, they take verbal shortcuts, or they don't know the full situation.

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