Thursday, August 25, 2011

Star Trek Back on TV

There's a headline going around that a guy is pitching a continuation of the Star Trek TV series of series. My first reaction: extremely cautious optimism. There are a number of problems that face the Star Trek fan of today:
  1. A show at this stage of development has low success rate of getting to the screen
  2. Science fiction is more expensive than regular programming, further decreasing the chance it will be picked up
  3. The guy pitching the show isn't even on wikipedia
  4. Most shows are bad
There are probably other things I haven't thought of, but that's most of my concern. From the hints he's dropped, it sounds like the guy cares about Star Trek, and has a vision for the show, which is cool.

Would I like to see more Star Trek on Television? Absolutely.

If it was completely neutered like Voyager? Maybe not.

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