Saturday, February 12, 2011

Obama Economics

I recently indicated that Obama is the best living president. He is, but this is largely because of the competition, which ranges from terrible to mediocre. Obama's recent decision to go along with Republicans' plan to cut the Federal budget is going to be disastrous. There's no guaranteeing anything in economics, but reducing the flow of money in an already slow economy will probably result in an even slower recovery, or even a second recession.

Not only will the cuts be bad for the economy, it will also harm the most vulnerable Americans. Cuts to social services will result in more hunger, more sickness, and ultimately, more deaths. Poverty kills, and not just the poor.*

This is the Republicans' plan for cuts to the federal budget. Take a look, and shudder for the future. Over a billion dollars cut from Community Health Centers alone. 1.5 billion cut from Global Health and Child Survival*.  They also want to cut NPR and PBS, the drizzlers!

*I could elaborate on this, if anyone cared.

**You'd think a program like that would be protected by the supposedly "pro-life" Republicans. "Pro-life" only applies when you are in the womb or on your deathbed. This is why Pro-lifers oppose abortion and voluntary euthanasia, but have no problem with executing children and the mentally handicapped.

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