Monday, November 15, 2010

A Retail Worker's Manifesto

I've been working retail for a few weeks now. Oftentimes, a co-worker will sigh and complain about how the customers have left the store a mess. In response, I always ask them, "would you rather be unemployed?"

When your job is to clean up a mess, if there's no mess, then you have no job. If customers all cleaned up after themselves, we'd be out of a job. Also, having customers clean the store would be terribly inefficient, since they have no training or interest in doing it properly. Essentially, they're paying a tiny fraction more in cost to reimburse someone else to clean up their mess. This is not wrong, and it is not a problem.

When you go shopping, if you want to do the regular workers a favour, don't tidy up after yourself. If you want to help the management/corporate overlords, feel free to clean up the place.


Anonymous said...

You're a janitor? I thought your job was to help people find things and up sell.


Jeffinated said...

Part of working retail is cleaning up merchandise that is left in the wrong places and such, he's not talking about literally getting out a mop (I think).

Carsonist said...

What Jeffinated said. To put it simply: if you work retail, you're either a cashier, in management, or you're cleaning up after the customers.