Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Engie Update Achievement Guessing Contest!

Doc Holiday

Get 1000 healing points in a single life as engie 

No Man's Land
Get 25 Defenses as engie
Trade Secrets
Kill 10 people carrying the intel
Death Metal
Get 10.000 kills with buildings. (Odd image, seems to be about wrecked buildings. Second guess: lose 10.000 buildings through enemy action)

Land Grab
Kill an engineer with a wrench with a wrench.
Git Along!
Destroy a sapper on something that was far away when it was initially sapped.
How the Pests was Gunned
Destroy 20 Sticky Bombs
Honky Tonk Man
Give some sort of Stat Bonus to your allies with the guitar
Breaking Morant
Kill ten snipers?
Rio Grind
Get 50 kills with the wrangler + sg
Patent Protection
Kill someone with the SG controlled by the Wrangler as you're under enemy fire.
If You Build It, They Will Die
Kill 3 people with a Sentry within 30 seconds of it being upgraded to level 3.
Texas Ranger

 Build the standard engie base ahead of the rest of your team's progress. (No way this one is accurate. Secondary theory: Blurred out area is the Robot.)

Assist or be assisted by another engineer 25 times.
Drugstore Cowboy

Destroy your dispenser, then build it in a spot where people are healed by it (other than you).

Circle the Wagons

Hide behind the sg with the dispenser healing you and repair your sg against damage for 10 swings.

Built to Last

(The Dispenser is backwards in this picture, no wonder it looks funny.) Have a single Dispenser accumulate 500 points of damage.

(Not So) Lonely are the Brave
Heal a single person for 30 cumulative seconds with a single dispenser.

Battle Rustler
Accumulate 100 teleports
Kill the person who killed your sg with Frontier Justice 10 times
Search Engine
Use the Wrangler to kill a fully invisible spy.
Pownd on the Range

Kill someone with a level 1 sentry that's out in the open somehow.

Building Block

Save your Sentry from destruction with the use of the Wrangler's shield. (when it otherwise would have died).

Get 8 Revenges with the Frontier Justice
Quick Draw

Destroy the sappers of two different spies within 10 seconds.

The Wrench Connection

Kill 100 spies with the wrench.

Silent Pardner
Upgrade someone else's building to a higher level 50 times.
Fistful of Sappers
Break 4 sappers in one life.
Doc, Stock and Barrel

Kill a fully charged medic with a SG.

Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas

Accumulate 5 kills with a level one SG.

Frontier Justice
Kill a spy with the Frontier Justice after he killed your sg.
Six-String Stinger
Give someone a deathcam shot of you doing the guitar taunt.
Uncivil Engineer

Give someone a deathcam shot of you taunting and your sentry.

Texas Two-Step
Kill someone with combined fire of the shotgun and sentry.
The Extinguished Gentleman
Extinguish 100 people with a dispenser.


Jeffinated said...

Battle Rustler 100 teleports in a game

Revengineering Kill the man who killed your sentry with the crits from it's death

Search Engine Kill a cloaked spy with a sentry

Pownd on the Range Get a max distance sentry kill

Building Block get first set of achievements, unlocks item 1

Unforgiven Get 10 revenge kills

Quick Draw Pistol 10 spies to death

The Wrench Connection Wrench a disguised spy to death

Silent Pardner Get 50 kills without using a gun

Fistful of Sappers Destroy 1000 saps

Doc, Stock and Barrel Kill a heavy medic team with a sentry

Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas get 10 kills with one sentry

Frontier Justice get 50 kills with Frontier Justice

Six-String Stinger Taunt image

Uncivil Engineer Sentry Taunt image

Texas Two-Step kill someone then kill them with a sentry

The Extinguished Gentleman Second set of achievements, second item

Doc Holiday Heal more than any medics on your team

No Man's Land 25 point caps

Trade Secrets Kill a spy carrying the intel

Death Metal use 10000 metal

Land Grab Wrench an enemy engie to death

Git Along! ???

How the Pests was Gunned Destroy 100 mines

Honky Tonk Man Third set of achievements, 3rd item

Breaking Morant Kill 10 snipers

Rio Grind get 50 kills with the wrangler

Patent Protection Destroy an enemy wrangled sentry

If You Build It, They Will Die get 10 kills with a level 3 sentry

Texas Ranger ???

Deputized Switch to engie to help build another engie's stuff

Drugstore Cowboy Heal 1000 damage with one dispenser

Circle the Wagons Heal buildings some amount

Built to Last keep a building up for the entire round/5 minutes

(Not So) Lonely are the Brave Get 20 assists with a dispenser

Anonymous said...

You need to put which ones you got right after the reveal. I want to know how good you are.


Carsonist said...

I'll figure out some way to mark them to show whether they're right or wrong simply.