Monday, December 14, 2009

War Update Thoughts

It looks like Soldiers are going to win the War, they've been ahead consistently since the beginning. The fact that the gap is narrowing by percentage is concerning, but the margin is still large enough for my comfort.

Since it's an update week, I'm obsessively checking my feed reader and the blog itself to check for today's update, (which I imagine will be the melee weapons hinted at in the secret link from the Saxton Hale comic, the sword and pickaxe). While reading my feeds, I noticed Age of Conan is completely free to play until level 21. I then heard the content from levels 1-20 is the best part anyway. With a price of 0$, I was sold. After all, I thought, I can play this until the blog updates, right?

I underestimated the power of updates, though. While Valve can delay a blog update like a boss, Age of Conan has to download years of content to my computer before I can see the starting island. So here I am, waiting for two interminable processes.

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