Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TF2 Roundup

It's been a while since I posted about TF2, so here's a few things I've been thinking:

Demoman is still overpowered. NerfNow!

Doing a control scheme for Spy is tricky, he needs access to 6 different abilities at any given time.

Getting rid of viewmodels has really helped me aim guns. (Viewmodels are the visual representation of the gun you're holding)

I got another copy of TF2 when it was only 2.50, I should have waited until the next day, when it was only 2.49!

It's been some work to get all the achievements for this new account. In particular, the Medic achievements are just unreasonably hard. I'm hoping to get a randomly dropping Ubersaw.

Have you seen the TF2 Backpack examiner? It's quite awesome. It now has a trading option, although it doesn't actually let you trade, it just establishes connections between people who'd like to trade.

The Trading section has a new page to see trading statistics: how much a given item is desired, and how often people want to give it away. According to the page, the Gibus is the least popular hat, with the paper bag right behind. Bill's Hat is the rarest hat given.

The previous statistic is skewed by the fact that the gibus and paper bag are much easier to get, and therefore more common. Much more telling is the "most desired" statistic regarding the hats. The Tyrant's Helm, one of my personal favorites, is the most desired, with the Officer's Ushanka, (which I have!) right behind. (Since I have the stainless pot too, I actually have two of the top three hats)

If you discount special event hats, it's clear that nobody wants the "hatless" version of the characters. The only hat as disliked is the Trophy Belt, which makes sense, since it's almost impossible to recognize as a special hat.

One Last thing:

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