Monday, June 29, 2009

Republicans On Iran

Republicans want to go to war with Iran. Like the war with Iraq, there's no good reason for it, other than the nation generally opposes us, and it would be nice if it was on our side. I've heard Reps ask, "If this revolution turns ugly, would Obama invade?" and comments along those lines. This kind of Non-Sequitor reasoning apparently makes sense to some people.

People like to describe the election as a fraud, (which it is), and a subversion of democracy (which it isn't) against a reformer (which it isn't). Iran isn't a Democracy. Imagine if prominent religious figures got to decide who was allowed to run for president, instead of only who became the Republican nominee. That isn't Democracy, and that's how Iran works. We'll never see an Iranian presidential candidate that's a true reformer, since the priesthood handpicks the candidates.

And since when do Republicans want to oppose sham democracies? I don't know if they noticed, but we support all sorts of Oligarchies (China), Aristocracies (Russia), and even Monarchies (The United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia).

To be perfectly honest, I don't understand the Republican's fascination with Iran, it's completely opaque to me.

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