Thursday, October 16, 2008

Napoleon And Alexander: Foe-Yay

The French had beaten the Russian Army. All that remained was a treaty. For the discussion, the Tsar Alexander and the Emperor Napoleon created a building on a raft floating between the two armies. Both Emperors set out to the raft simultaneously, but Napoleon had naval rowers hurry him across to arrive first. He quickly moved across the hut, and opened Alexander's door as he arrived at the raft.

As the Tsar entered the building, he said to Napoleon, "I hate the British as much as you do." and Napoleon responded, "then we already have peace." Smiling, Alexander said, "then what shall we do for the next fifteen minutes?" Returning the grin, Napoleon simply replied, "I think I have an idea." as he closed the door behind them.

Three minutes later, a more rumpled but still grinning Napoleon emerged from the raft, and called for the treaty negotiators and a physician.

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