Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Retrospective: Global Warming

Everyone loves writing about the ending year in late December. I'll just say that it seems that this is the year that Global Warming reached a tipping point in the public perspective. Just in time, too. It's only been known in the scientific community since 1824, after all. And it's only been mentioned in a famous movie 34 years ago.

There are obvious events like Al Gore's Nobel Prize, but there are more subtle indicators too: 2007 is the hottest year on record for hundreds of cities and the North Pole.

I can't help but be irritated at how the largest disaster in world history gains so little traction in the media. I suppose US scientific illiteracy doesn't help either. To someone with no scientific education, there's no easy way to determine whether something is true, especially when you have a misinformation campaign spending billions of dollars and a president intentionally blurring the existence and seriousness of this issue.

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