Thursday, October 25, 2007

What the Hell

I'm still plugging through half-life 2. Never have I felt more railroaded in a game. The absurd, impossibly counter-intuitive things you have to do in this game sometimes baffle me. "Hmm... There's a chain-link fence here. I suppose I'll have to look in the nearby buildings and hire Rube Goldberg to set up a device to set up a mechanism to make a small ramp. What do you know, Rube must have already been here! All I have to do is throw this switch!"

To get past an electric fence, you have to throw a nearby switch up in a building. Why is the switch there? Who the hell knows? I tried cutting the cord which was obviously supplying the power, but no. That isn't exactly what you're supposed to do, so you can't do it. To do anything, you have to explore the area around you for a switch. Imagine the "puzzle solving" if it was a text based adventure!

You enter a room. It is lit by...
>Throw switch

You fall through a trapdoor. The nearby...
>Throw switch

A zombie looms above you!
>Shoot Zombie

The boss approaches you and says, "hello...
>Throw switch

You win!

PS. Your gravity gun has infinite batteries, but the damn flashlight only lasts for 15 seconds? Come on!

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