Saturday, September 29, 2007

Break Time

As you may have heard, a game called Halo 3 came out recently. I've been playing it a bit. In fact, I had to leave it behind this weekend so I could get my schoolwork done.

I've beaten it on Normal, and I'm more than halfway done on Legendary. It's pretty clear that Halo 2 is the hardest of the series.

Best Halo 3 moment:

I am following our flag carrier toward our base. He's killed, and I rush to grab it. I kill three enemies, kill a fourth with the flag, (getting an Overkill), and take the Jump toward base. On the other side, I accidentally take the Jump going back toward their base. I panic, throw the flag back towards home in mid-air, but it falls off the edge of the map. The flag returns and the enemies capture our flag for the win.

Good Game.

PS. Here's a link to that game, if you want to see the stats.

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