Friday, September 15, 2006

The Pope: "Violence Used to Spread Religion"

So, the Pope's in hot water for claiming that Muslims used violence to spread their religion during the early days of their faith. What a strange thing to say.

In their early days, all religions have to use violence, just to avoid getting their butts kicked. If they want to spread, it is completely necessary to use violence. If you read the Old Testament, it seems that the early Jews did little other than run around and kill people of competing faith.

Anyway, it is a little tasteless to point out Islam's violent proclivities without pointing out that it's as common as dishwater. He is the Pope though, it's not as though he's going to start ragging on Christianity for being violent.

In the words of Stephen Colbert, don't mess with this guy. You know how powerful popes are, just imagine how powerful a Nazi Pope must be.


Big J said...

haha first off, nazi popes ROCK, (straight from the comics =p).
second i saw a follow-up on that and i guess the to prove to the pope that he was wrong about the Islamic community, the Islam’s go out and burn a few things down. . .
pope talks about Islamic violence and then the Islam’s, well, get violent. what fun the world is.

Carsonist said...

It is pretty bad. Not only is it violence trying to prove that they aren't that violent, it's violence because someone voiced an opinion.

What kind of world is it where you can be threatened with death for repeating an opinion? (However offensive that opinion may be.)