Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Atlas shrugged, no one cared

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is just nonsense. In it, the 'people of the mind', resentful of having to do all the work for a lazy bunch of stupid people, decide to quit. Then, for some reason, the societies that lost their writers, philosophers, etc. regret it.

What a coincidence that Ayn Rand would believe that a class she belongs to is the one keeping society afloat!

In the long term, a society needs inventors, revolutionaries and philosophers. If they didn't have any, other countries would pull ahead of them. This does not mean that they are critical for the day to day operation of a society.

It seems to me that most societies would welcome a loss of their intelligentsia, especially for the short term. The people that keep society running are not thinkers, they are workers. If you had two societies, one without idiots that did all the work that idiots do, and one without philosophers, the one without idiots would collapse immediately, and the one without philosphers would coast along in ignorant contentment.

If the people who supported the world decided to give up and leave, all the writers of the world would wonder where their drivers/janitors/electricity/foodstuffs had gone to.

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